Friday, May 30, 2014

(8) Abraham & Isaac

God gave Abraham and his wife Sarah a son "Isaac."
Many years later, God came to Abraham and said
"Abraham, I want you to take your son whom you love,
and sacrifice your son as an offering to me."
Abraham took the woods and put it on the donkey,
and then Abraham, Isaac, and 2 of his servants
went to the mountain.
When Abraham and Isaac got to the mountain,
Abraham built an altar.
and then he tied his son Isaac with rope
and laid him on the altar.
He took out his knife and raised it.
Right then the angel of God called out,
"Abraham! Abraham!"
"Now I know you truly believe in me."
and God prepared a ram for his sacrifice.
so Abraham named the place
"The Lord will provide."
And then God blessed Abraham again
because he obeyed His command.

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