Saturday, May 31, 2014

(9) Esau & Jacob

Isaac married a woman named "Rebekah."
When Rebekah was pregnant,
God told her
"The oldest child will serve the younger one."
When the twins were born
the first boy was named Esau.
He was red and hairy all over.
Right behind him came his younger brother "Jacob."
Many years later,
Isaac was old to the point
where he was not able to see anymore.
He wanted to bless his favorite son Esau
before he died.
The blessing that God promised Abraham a long time ago.
However, when Rebekah found out
Isaac was going to give all the blessing to Esau,
she quickly called her favorite son Jacob
and prepared a dish for Isaac.
Jacob pretended to be his older brother Esau
,with the help of his mother Rebekah, 
when he was offering the dish to his father Isaac.
Because Isaac was not able to see,
Isaac did bless Jacob instead of Esau.
Esau was very upset with his brother Jacob
for what he had done, so
Jacob ran away to his uncle's house to be safe.

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