Saturday, June 7, 2014

(15) Pharaoh's dream

God blessed Potiphar's house through Joseph.
God gave Joseph success in everything he did,
his master Potiphar assigned Joseph to be in charge
of everything he owned.
One day, Potiphar's wife lied to his husband about Joseph
and Potiphar believed her so he ordered Joseph to be
thrown into the prison.
 However, God was still with Joseph.
and gave wisdom and knowledge to Joseph.
With the wisdom given from God,
Joseph interpreted people's dream in the prison.
The word got into Pharaoh's ears too.
Pharaoh summoned Joseph to interpret the dream he had recently
which none of his magicians could intrepret.
Joseph, with the widom from God, told Pharaoh
that the country will prosper in crops overwhelmingly for the next 7 years,
and severe famine for the following 7 years.
Pharaoh was amazed by Joseph's wisdom and praised God
and appointed Joseph to be the 2nd in charge of the whole country of Egypt.

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