Friday, August 15, 2014

(24) The neighbor

One day a man asked Jesus,
"Who is my neighbor?"
Jesus replied with an illustration,
"A Jewish man was traveling on a trip and he was attacked by bandits.
They stripped him, beat him up, and left him half dead on the road.
Some time later,
A Jewish priest came along but passed the man,
A temple assistant walked over and looked at him
but he also passed by on the other side.
Then a disliked Samaritan came along and when he saw the man,
he felt deep pity.
the Samaritan soothed his wounds with medicine.
Then he took to an inn, where he took care of him.
Now which of these 3 would you say
was a neighbor to the man who was attacked by bandits?
Jesus asked.
The man replied,
"The one who took care of the man."
Then Jesus told him,
"Yes, now go and do the same."

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