Thursday, July 3, 2014

(40) Judges 3 - Gideon & 300

Gideon and his army got ready early to fight against the Midianites.
But God said to Gideon,
"There are too many warriors with you.
They will think it was themselves who won the war.
so tell them whoever is afraid may leave."
22,000 men of them went home,
leaving 10,000 who were still willing to fight.
God said to Gideon again,
"There are still too many warriors
bring them to the spring and divide them into 2 groups.
One group with those who cup water in their hands,
and the other with those who lap it up with their tongues.
Only 300 men drank from their hands.
God told Gideon,
"With these 300 men I will rescue Israel."
Gideon divided the 300 men into 3 groups,
and gave each man a ram's horn and a clay jar with a torch in it.
That night, at the outer edge of the Midianite camp,
Gideon and 300 men blew the horns and broke their clay jars.
and held the blazing torches in their hands,
and the horns in their other hands and shouted,
" A sword for the Lord and for Gideon!"
The Midianites ran around in a panic, and
God caused them to fight against each other.
Gideon kept peace in the land for 40 years.

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