Friday, July 11, 2014

(51) Samuel anoints David

God said to Samuel,
"You have prayed for Saul long enough now,
now go to Bethlehem, and find a man named Jesse.
I have chosen one of his sons to be my new king."
So Samuel did as God instructed him.
When he arrived at Bethlehem,
he did purification ceremonies for Jesse and his 7 sons.
Samuel took a look at the sons and
Eliab came to his attention,
"It's him." Samuel thought to himself.
But God said to him,
"Do not judge by their looks and heights.
I do not make decisions the men do,
I look at person's thoughts and intentions."
Then Samuel asked Jesse,
"Are these all the sons you have?"
"There is one left, the youngest."
Jesse replied.
and Jesse sent for him.
He was ruddy and handsome with pleasant eyes.
And God said,
"This is the one I have chosen."
So Samuel took the olive oil he had brought and
poured it on David's head.
and the Spirit of God came upon him.
On the other hand, the spirit of God had left Saul.
and he was filled with fear and depression.

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