Friday, July 11, 2014

(50) Saul disobeys again

One day Samuel brought the message from God to Saul,
"I have decided to deal with the
nation of Amalek for
opposing Israel when they came from Egypt.
Go and destroy the nation completely, everything."
So Saul gathered his army and
attacked the Amalekites and won.
But Saul spared Amalekite King's life
and kept the best of the sheep and cattle
for they looked appeal to him.
Next morning, Samuel went to see Saul.
When Saul saw Samuel,
he greeted him cheerfully,
"I did everthing God told me to do this time!"
"Then what is this sound of sheep and cattle?"
Samuel demanded.
"Oh, Those, those are offerings for sacrifice to God,
but everything else, it's completely destroyed."
Saul answered.
Samuel stopped him and said,
"Just listen to what God told me last night,
Why haven't you obeyd God?
What is more pleasing to God?
your offerings and sacrifice? or
your total obedience to his word?
God has rejected you from being king now."
As Samuel turned to go,
Saul grabbed his robe to hold him,
and tore his robe.
"Just like that torn robe,
God has torn the kingdom of Israel from you today."
Samuel said to Saul.
Samuel never went to meet Saul again,
but he prayed for him continuously.

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