Thursday, July 10, 2014

(48) Saul defeats the Ammonites

About a month later,
The Ammonites attacked Israelite city Jabesh.
When Saul, back at his hometown, heard what
was happening in one of Israel's city,
the spirit of God came upon Saul and he became very angry.
Saul urged people to follow him and Samuel
into the battle against the Ammonites.
and he found 300,000 men of Israel.
When Saul and his army had arrived,
he divided the army into 3 groups
and did a surprise attack against the Ammonites
and won.
Israelites exalted Saul and Samuel.
Then Samuel reaffirmed Saul's kingship front of people.
They held a ceremony before God
and crowned Saul as their king officially.

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