Thursday, July 10, 2014

(49) Saul's disobedience

Saul had a son named Jonathan.
Jonathan and his army had attacked and
defeated the troops of Philistines at Geba.
Now the Philistines hated the Israelites more than ever.
so they mustered all of their great warriors and chariots
and camped to battle the Israelites.
When Israelites saw the great number of Philistine army,
they panicked and lost their nerve completely.
Meanwhile, Saul was waiting for
Samuel to come to the battleground.
Samuel had instructed Saul to wait for him,
but after 7 days, Saul ran out of patience,
so he ordered to bring him offerings and
finished the burnt offering by himself.
As Saul as finishing with the offering, Samuel arrived.
"What is this you have done?"
Samuel asked Saul.
Saul answered,
"My men were panicked and scattering from me,
and you were not even here when you said you would,
I was out of options, I did what I had to do before we fight Philistines.
I needed God's help!"
"You should not have done this!"
Samuel exclaimed.
"You have disobeyed the word of God,
God was going to allow your kingdom to last forever,
but now your kingdom will end, in fact,
God has already chosen another man
over Israel, for you disobeyed."
Samuel then left and went on his way.

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