Wednesday, July 9, 2014

(47) Israel's 1st King Saul

As Samuel grew old,
he appointed his sons to be judges over Israel.
However, they were not quite like their father,
for they loved money.
So Israelites brought their complaints before Samuel.
"Your sons are not like you.
Give us a king like the other countries have."
Samuel was very upset when he heard their asking,
so he went to God and asked.
"Do as they ask."
God replied.
"But do not fail to warn them about
how a king will treat them."
Samuel warned the people but
they did not have any room in their heart for any advice.
They refused to listen.
One day, Kish's donkeys wandered away,
so he sent his son Saul to go look for them.
Saul listened to his father's request
and went out to look for them
with his servant.
But they could not find the donkeys
so they went to see the seer, a prophet.
When Samuel noticed Saul, as Saul approached Samuel,
 God said,
"That's the man I will appoint."
Then Samuel took a flask of olive oil and poured it over Saul's head.
Later Samuel called all the people of Israel
and announced,
"This is the man God has chosen as your king!"
Samuel also taught Israelites
the rights and duties of a king.

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