Wednesday, July 23, 2014

(78) Jonah 1

One day God gave this messege to Jonah:
"Go to Nineveh,
tell them my judgement is coming upon them
because of their wickedness."
But Jonah ran away.
Instaed of going to Nineveh,
he fled in the opposite direction.
As the ship was sailing along,
all of a sudden God caused a powerful wind over the sea.
It was a violent strom.
The sailors began to shout their gods' name for help.
Then they casted lots to see which of them had
offended the gods and caused the storm.
and Jonah was selected for the cause.
"What did you do to bring this curse upon us?"
They asked him.
"I tried to run away from God."
Jonah told them.
The sailors were terrified when they heard that.
"Then what should we do to stop this storm?"
they demanded.
"Throw me into the sea." Jonah said.
Jonah was thrown into the sea,
and the storm stopped at once.
Now God had a big fish to swallow Jonah.
Jonah was inside the fish for 3 days and 3 nights.
When Jonah prayed to God,
God had the fish to spit up Jonah on the beach.

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