Tuesday, July 15, 2014

(57) David spares Saul again

Now David and his men were staying in Ziph.
When Saul was told that David was in Ziph,
he took 3,000 troops and went to hunt him down again.
Saul camped near Jeshimon,
where David was hiding.
David slipped over to Saul's camp,
and Saul and his general, Abner, were sleeping.
David took the spear and jug of water that were near Saul's head.
Then he got away from the camp
without anyone seeing them for God
had put Saul's men into a deep sleep.
When David found himself far away from the camp,
he shouted to Saul and his general, Abner,
"Wake up! Abner!
you failed to protect you king!
Look around! where are the king's spear and
the jug that were near his head?
Saul recognized David's voice and called him,
"Is that you, David?
I have sinned against you, my son.
I will no longer chase you,
you spared me again today.
I have wronged you so bad.
Come back home, my son.
May God bless you for what you've done today."
Then Saul went back home.

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