Wednesday, July 23, 2014

(79) Jonah 2

Then God spoke to Jonah a 2nd time:
"Go to Nineveh, and deliver my message to them."
This time Jonah obeyed God.
Jonah went to the city and shouted to the crowds.
"40 days from now the city will be destroyed!"
The people of Nineveh took the messege from God to their heart.
So they decided to fast and wear sackcloth to show their sorrow.
When God saw them trying to turn away from their evil ways,
God had mercy on them and did not destroy them.
But this change of plans made Jonah angry.
Jonah complained to God because he wanted
Nineveh to be destroyed.
Later Jonah went out and made a shelter to sit under.
He was waiting to see if anything would happen to the city.
Then God caused worms to eat the plants over the shelter.
Jonah again complained:
"Just kill me already God!
I'd rather die!"
Then God said to Jonah,
"You feel sorry about the plant you did not grow.
There are more than 120,000 people in Nineveh.
Shouldn't I feel sorry for such a big city?"

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