Saturday, July 19, 2014

(68) Solomon judges wisely

2 women came to Solomon
to have their case settled.
One of them began,
"This woman and I, we live in the same house,
I  had a baby and she also had a baby.
One night, she rolled over her baby and her baby died,
but she took my baby while I was asleep,
and put her dead baby in my arms.
When I tried to nurse my baby in the morning,
he was dead, but when I looked closely,
I noticed it was not my baby!
but this woman keep insists that it's her baby."
"The living baby is mine!"
The other woman interrupted.
Then Solomon said,
"Since both of you claim
the living baby is yours,
let's just cut the baby in half
for both of you."
Then the woman who really was the
mother of the living baby cried out,
"No! my king, just give her the baby,
do not kill the baby."
But the other woman said,
"That's the only fair thing, my king."
That's when Solomon figured out
who was the real mother of the baby.
Solomon gave the baby to the woman
who wants him to live.
Solomon's decision regarding this very case
spread quickly throughout all Israel,
they were amazed at the great wisdom
God had given Solomon.

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