Tuesday, July 29, 2014

(93) Nehemiah concerns for Judah

Nehemiah, in Susa, was told that
the things weren't going well for those who had returned to Judah,
that they were in in trouble.
When Nehemiah heard the news of
the wall of Jerusalem being torn down,
he sat down and prayed in mourning.
"O God, please, listen to my prayer,
I know that we have sinned against you.
But please, remember your promise with us
that if we chose to return to you and obey your words,
then you will bring your people back to honor your name.
Now, be with me and touch the king's heart,
when I submit my request to the king."
Sometimes later,
Nehemiah was serving the king his wine.
Nehemiah had never appeared sad before this time,
so the king asked him,
"What happened? you look like your mind is troubled."
Nehemiah replied,
"My king, How could one be happy,
when he knows the city where his ancestors are buried is torn down."
"Well, how can i help you?"
the king asked him,
"If it is alright with you, my king,
allow me to go to Judah to rebuild the city
where my ancestors are buried."
The king granted Nehemiah's request.

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