Tuesday, July 15, 2014

(56) David spares Saul

When Saul was told that David had gone into the wilderness,
he selected 3,000 troops and went to search for David.
Saul and his men were passing near the cave.
Saul then went into the cave to relieve himself.
But David and his men were hiding in that very cave.
David's soldier urged David to kill Saul.
But David rebuked his men and
did not allow them to kill Saul.
David crept forward and just cut off a piece of Saul's robe only.
After Saul had left the cave,
David came out and shouted,
"My king! why do you let others to talk you into harming me?
Today you've seen it yourself that even if I had a chance to harm you,
I spared you. Look, I have a piece of your robe in my hand.
I will never harm you for you are God's annointed."
Saul shouted back in crying,
"Is that really you, David?
yes, you have been kind to me today,
God bless you, David.
Now I realize that God certainly chose you as a king.
Now promise me by God's name that
when you become a king, you will not destroy
my sons and daughters."
David promised,
and Saul went home.
But David and his men stayed.
Now Samuel died,
and all Israel got together for his funeral.

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