Tuesday, July 8, 2014

(44) Hannah's prayer

There was a man named Elkanah.
He had 2 wives, Hannah and Peninnah.
Peninnah had children, while Hannah did not.
One day they were at Shiloh and
Hannah went to the Tabernacle to pray to God.
"God, please look down upon my sadness
and allow me to have a son,
then I will give him back to you,
He will be yours for his entire life."
As she was praying, Eli the priest watched her.
He noticed her lips were moving but no sound was coming out,
so he thought she was drunk.
"Throw away your wine!
Did you have to come here drunk?"
She replied,
"Oh no, I am not drunk.
I was just pouring out my heart to God."
Eli told her,
"Cheer up, may God answer your prayer."
"Thank you, sir."
She went back and
she was no longer sad.

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