Friday, July 25, 2014

(83) God calls Jeremiah

During the 13th year of King Josiah's reign in Judah,
God gave this messege to Jeremiah,
"I knew you before you were born, and
chosen you as my spokesman to the world."
Jeremiah said,
"Oh no, I can't speak for you, Im' too young!"
But God reassured Jeremiah,
"Don't say that, I will put words into your mouth,
Now give thie messege o the people in Judah."
So Jeremiah went to announce to the people,
"God says: quit your evils ways, then
I will let you stay in your land.
If you think you will be safe
because the temple is here with you,
then think again, your're wrong.
I will destroy you and the temple,
send you into exile
just as I did to your relatives, Israel."
But the people rejected Jeremiah and his messege.
Jeremiah was rejected by family, friends, neighbors.
But he kept on preaching for long time after.

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