Thursday, July 17, 2014

(64) David mourns for Absalom

David appointed generals and captains to lead his army.
And the battle began in the forest of Ephraim,
the Absalom's troops were beaten by David's army
Absalom died in the battle.
When David was notified about Absalom's death,
he was overcome with emotion.
He went up to the room and burst into tears,
"Oh my son Absalom!
If only I could have died instead of you,
my son! my son!"
David covered his face and kept on weeping.
David's general was informed that the king was weeping
and mourning for Absalom.
As the army heard of the king's deep grief for his son,
the joy of the victory was turned into deep sadness.
Then the general went to the king and said to him,
"We saved your life and the kingdom today,
and yet, you act like we have done some
terrible thing to you.
You made it clear that you mean nothing to you!
Now go out there and celebrate with us.
If you don't, not a single warrior will be there for you anymore."
So David went out and
sat at the city gate.

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