Friday, July 25, 2014

(84) Zedekiah refuses to listen

Zedekiah began to rule over in Judah
He did what was evil in Gods sight, just as the kings before him.
Jeremiah said to Zedekiah,
"God wants you to surrender to Babylon,
then you and your family will live,
and the city will not be destroyed.
However, if you don't surrender,
then you will not escape!
and the city will be burned."
"But I don't want to surrender!
The Babylonians will probably hand me over
to the Judeans and who knows what they will do to me?"
Zedekiah replied.
"God will spare you, if you choose to obey his words.
If not, the whole city will be burned to the ground!"
Jeremiah urged him again.
Zedekiah was not pleased to listen what Jeremiah had to say,
the messege he had delivered from God.
So Zedekiah commanded that Jeremiah
to be imprisoned in the courtyard in the palace.

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