Monday, July 28, 2014

(89) Daniel in the lion's den

Darius the Mede began to rule over in Babylon.
The king chose Daniel and others to supervise many districts.
Soon Daniel proved himself more capable then
all the other officials.
So the king wanted to have Daniel
to rule over the entire empire.
The other officials hated Daniel
becuase of his untouchable abilities from God.
so they made plans to find some faults in Daniel.
But they failed to find any.
Soon after they came up with the new plan and went to the king,
"My king, to make sure your kingship is intacted,
you should give orders that anyone who prays for anyone else
,except to you, will be thrown into lions' den."
The king agreed.
Then the officials went to Daniel's house and found him praying to God.
They brought Daniel before the king.
Although the king loved Daniel,
there was no way for him to save Daniel.
Daniel was thrown into the lions' den.
The next morning, the king hurried out to the lions' den,
"Daniel! Daniel! Did you God save you from the lions?"
"My king, My God saved me from the lions
by shutting the lions' mouth
for I was innocent."
Daniel replied.
The king was very happy and lifted Daniel from the den.
Then the king ordered to throw the men who had accused Daniel
into the lions' den.

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